We have had the LIV skirt in sizes 56-92 for a while now. But there where a few things that needed changing. The first was, there where only Dutch instructions. The second was, you really wanted this in bigger sizes. And we agree. We need this pattern in bigger sizes…..

Please meet the new and improved LIV skirt in sizes NB-56 to 9/10-134/140.

sisters liv

Yes, we added the bigger sizes! And we added English instructions with graphics and pictures. We also added a size chart, fabric chart and finished measurement chart. And you get all of this for FREE! Why? Because we want to say thank you. Thank you for buying our patterns. Thank you for following and supporting us. Thank you for testing. Thank you for giving feedback. Thank you. We like you to.

luv my liv skirt

If you did not know the Liv skirt before.
The Liv skirt is a really comfortable above the knee-length, fitted skirt. It was inspired by my niece who is named Liv. The skirt has shallow round pockets and is perfect for that left over fabric you have lying around. It is a very easy pattern to create. The sizes are combined sizes. And the waistband is a yoga waistband so there is no need to use elastic. The skirt is to be made with knit fabrics.

baby liv

To create this pattern I had help from some pretty great ladies. I am really grateful for their help. Thank you Sabine, Tania, Jennifer, Heather K, Holly, Kasia, Ashley, Debi, Diewertje, Ine, Ari, Lyndsey, Cynthia, Essence, Heather T, Nicole, Andrea, Rebecca, Alyssa, Kim, Kara, Noor. You where wonderful.

sewing liv

Now, get your copie of the Liv skirt HERE for free. And don’t forget to come and show your skirt in our Sofilantjes Sew and Show group! See you there.

Thank you for stoping by.

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2 thoughts on “The LIV skirt release party (free pattern)

  1. Red says:

    I don’t suppose that you would consider just one more size would you please, a 146/152 would be just wonderful?!!

    1. Annemieke says:

      Hi Red,

      I will see what I can do but it will be in a while. We are a bit to busy at the moment.

      Thank you for asking 😉


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