During the testing of the Solis Tunic and Dress we have been working on a new summer dress. And with it being in testing right now it will release just in time before we all leave for vacation. Just in time for you to sew a few more dresses. Your model will be set for summer. And if it is a cold day….. We are also testing and releasing a bolero pattern!

The Litore Tunic and Dress and maxi dress has a beautiful back. The 4 straps allow you to play with colors, if you choose to. The fit is similar to the Solis Tunic and Dress, a fitted bodice. There are three skirt options with two different lengths each. That makes 6 skirt options! And….. The skirts fit the Solis bodice.

Litore Maxi dress- Sofilantjes1

The Aura Bolero is perfect to wear with our dresses. It almost looks like a cropped jacket. The color block option is an idea of my friend Miranda from Inspinration. It makes the pattern even more easy to sew up than originally designed. There are three sleeve lengths and two shoulder head options to choose from.

Both patterns look great together and separate. Are you as excited as I am?! And I have even more to show you!

Short sleeve pleated Aura Bolero-Sofilantjes2

3 thoughts on “Litore Maxi Dress plus Aura Bolero

  1. Abbey says:

    Anne, you’ve got another winner here with both of these!!! ADORABLE!

    1. Anne says:

      Thank you <3

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