You might have noticed that I am a huge fan of my own pattern. (Yes I am openly admitting that.) I have a deep love for the Omni Tempore Pattern and I am not the only one…. It is one of our best-selling patterns. (No. 1 is the Domi Sweatpants.) I love that this pattern is unisex and I love the dress hack that I have shown you before here, here and here.

In my last post I said I was thinking about counting all the Omni’s I have sewn. I did! And I will show you below. But before I show you, I am adding one more Omni dress hack to the list. The fabric I bought at Joyfits about 1 year a go. I have used it before to sew an Otium top for my own little Diva. And had enough left.

omni hack pink dress

After finishing this dress I wasn’t sure about it but the little blond model (my best friends daughter) completely rocks this dress.

Omni dress hack pink

And she had fun posting! can you tell?!

pink omni-sofilantjes

Now. I have to admit that I did not blog about all the Omni’s I have made. So far I made 12 Omni’s (and I am not done yet):
– One for me.
– One for hubby.
– For my son a total of 5:
* Monkeys.
* Panda’s.
* Airplanes.
* Mint green bears (no post)
* Grey (no post)
– Gifts a total of 2:
* The pink panther one above.
* Last year Christmas.
– For my daughter a total of 3:
* Banana omni dress.
* Horse Omni dress.
* Glitter Omni dress.

A small selection:

4 thoughts on “Last omni tempore dress and summary

  1. It’s an Omni Parade! it is a great pattern.

    1. Anne says:

      It is!

  2. Patricia says:

    You’ve certainly proven the name fits this design!
    And you reminded me of a project I’ve been postponing way to long: an Omni Tempore Sweater for my better half!!!!

    1. Anne says:

      You haven’t sewn him one yet?! Lol

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