Reading the title you must think we have some great baby news to share and we do. Just not like that… We are not having any more human babies in this house, but… we do keep adding pattern babies. The next best thing to us and better for you.

We are having twins. Today we are releasing two new baby patterns. One that you were asking for and one completely new one. Let me introduce you to the Sylva Top and Tunic for Babies*. Yes, now you can dress all your girls in the Sylva and your baby boys too, because we added a top length to the baby Sylva pattern. Yay for boys!

The Baby Sylva has the famous Sylva neckline. Just like the Sylva for Girls and the Sylva onesie. Unlike the onesie it is designed to fit on top of a long sleeved onesie and it has the fun colorblocked sleeves. We just love those sleeves.

The baby Sylva is a little different than the girls version though. Not only is it made unisex, the tunic is hemmed with a bottom band. This makes it an even quicker sew. No hemming required. And we love a quick sew. Especially when taking care of our little babies.

Isn’t it a cute top or tunic? You can get it on sale now too. Just make sure you buy it in between today and Sunday Jan. 20 (CET) for only €4,- excl. BTW (€4,48 incl. BTW). For English go HERE and for Dutch go HERE.

Are you curious about the Sylva twin? Go to THIS post and see if you like it.

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