Is it summer yet?

Are you waiting for the weather to change? So am I! I am done with the cold and we did not get any snow this year so I have no need for this winter anymore. Plus with all those soft temperatures over here everyone is getting sick. So out with winter, let’s have a short spring and a long summer. Who is signing my petition?!

To get in the mood I am sewing summer clothing. Off course the real reason is that her closet is to full and I need an excuse to continue the sewing…. So, a short-sleeved, hooded Semper Sweater it is. No cowl, because she doesn’t like them. Although that still doesn’t stop me from sewing cowls….
swan love Semper Sweater 5

The Swan fabric is one of the first fabrics I bought at Joyfits. So this fabric has been in my closet for over 2 years now. Really! To be honest I never knew what to make from it. And I bought 2m! By now I have about half of it left. I sewed a dress out of it first but did not like the dress at all. Such a waste of fabric. It happens… I am over it. I am, really…..
swan love Semper Sweater 3

With the addition of solids I really love this shirt. It suits the Swan fabric. Not to busy but still fun. And do not forget girly, because the Diva is turning in to a real lady more and more. Maybe one day she will even play with dolls and not just cars anymore.
swan love Semper Sweater 8

After seeing her brother making harts with his hand so many times (it’s like his signature pose) she had to try. Getting there, but she needs to practice 😉

I really like the short sleeves on a hooded shirt. Hubby not so much. But I am like my child, stubborn minded. I’ll sew some more short-sleeved hoodies soon.

A fun note. The Semper Sweater will released after Easter…. and you do not want to miss out on the release sale. sofilantjes release sales are short and sweet 😉
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4 thoughts on “Is it summer yet?

  1. This fabric combination is awesome, but I can imagine a dress without contrast being a bit boring. You did not recut the dress? I am also a huge fan of short sleeves and hoods, hoods for the win always and on everything!

    1. I did not no. I did make underwear out of the dress…. lol So the fabric is partly saved.

  2. Lovely, I like the combination with the short sleeves 🙂

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