Iridis circle skirt add-on Pattern Release SALE

If you loved the Iridis wrap dress already, you will now have more to love. We created a circle skirt add-on for this wonderful wrap dress.
alyssa option A

Meet the Iridis Circle skirt Add-On. This add-on has two skirt options. One is a tiered skirt version. The circle has three tiers. Perfect for playing with colors and prints. The other option is a simple circle skirt. This version looks great on the older girls and is perfect for bigger prints. Also, this second version can be made with knit fabrics.
iridis add-on B circle

The circle skirt add-on pattern comes in te same size range as the Iridis wrap dress. The Add-on is on sale until February 19 for only $2.50 US. And if you do not have the Iridis wrap dress already, you can now get the BUNDLE for only $10 US.
HT option A and B

You will find the Circle skirt Add-on: HERE
The BUNDLE can be found: HERE
option B flower
I must say I had a wonderful group of pattern testers. I was so inspired by all these beautiful dresses that I really had to make one more for my little one. It became a france inspired dress. And this dress off course is perfect for twirling.


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