We are releasing a new pattern today.

Please meet the Gemini Skirt Bundle.

Gemini is Latin for Twins. The pattern is inspired by twins. Actually it is inspired by my twin sister and I. It is amazing how two people can come from te same genes, be born on the same day and still can be so different. But this pattern is not only for twins. There are a lot of sisters who have very different styles. Even one girl can have very different styles.

This pattern has combined sizes starting at size NB/56 up to 11/12-146/152. In this pattern you will find two skirt patterns. One is a fitted short skirt with a big kangaroo pocket in front. The side seams are brought to the front (of centered). The waistband in this patterns is for both skirts. It is an elastic free waistband.

The second skirt is a circle skirt made out of two layers.The hem is finished with a rolled hem but can also be done with binding (amount not in pattern included).
wanderlustww skirt

Instructions use graphics and pictures. You also get a written summary and a summary in graphics. You will get the pattern file to be printed on letter size paper or A4 paper and a pattern file you can take to the copy shop (A0 size). All files are PDF files and have the possibility to only print the size you need by using the layered function on Adobe reader and the printing chart in the instructions.

size chart

Now for the best part! The pattern is on SALE (30% off) from today untill March 10 CET(central european timezone). The price is already set to sale price so no coupon needed. You can get your copy HERE. There is an English (EN) and a Dutch (NL) version available. Would you like to ask a few question or be inspired. Join us in our sewing group on FACEBOOK.

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