Did you follow the Semper Sweater sale? Did you buy it?! Well, we added a little bonus to that pattern. And we added it to the Omni Tempore pattern to. So if you have bought the Omni Tempore pattern in the past, check out your account to find the pattern pieces. Did you buy on another platform, get them in our Sofilantjes Sew and Show group.


The mini dress add-on adds another option to this popular pattern. It’s cool, fun and easy to wear.

Semper Sweater test v2 - 18m dress (7)

It’s perfect to wear with leggings. And you can still climb in it. It’s my little Diva’s favorite garment.


I love the look of it.

Semper Sweater test v2 - 6 jaar (1)

And the best part. It’s a FREE add-on!


3 thoughts on “FREE mini dress add-on

  1. Patricia says:

    Such gorgeous girls in such cute dresses!

    1. Anne says:

      I agree

  2. Johanne says:


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