Faux wrap dress tutorial

Have you seen the Iridis wrap dress + circle skirt add-on? It is the newest pattern in our shop. The Iridis wrap dress is actually two dresses in one pattern, and with the add-on you can now make 4 different dresses. Let’s make that 5! Because you can easily make a faux wrap dress out of the Iridis. Let me show you how.


The first thing you need to do is size down. The Iridis has a seam allowance of 1 cm on each front panel. If you do not size down, the dress will be more wide than intended. Keep in mind when you size down that the bodice, sleeves, armhole and skirt will be more narrow/short. Look closely at your already-made wrap dress and see what needs to be changed. How to lengthen the sleeves is already explained in the pattern. The bodice and skirt can be lengthened by cutting the pattern pieces and adding length from there.

faux wrap-10

For the faux wrap dress cut:
Only for Knit fabrics!
2x front bodice pieces in mirror image.
1 x back bodice piece
2x back (circle) skirt piece

How to assemble your faux wrap dress:
Step 1.
Follow the instructions for the bodice piece in the pattern instructions. (Sew the shoulder seams, and sew in the sleeves.)
faux wrap-01faux wrap-02

Step 2.
Measure your neckline. Cut a binding strip that is 0.8 x the length of your neckline and 2″- 5cm. Divide the binding equally on the neckline and pin in place. Sew on the binding using a 3/8″-1 cm seam allowance. Stretch the binding while sewing.
faux wrap-03faux wrap-04

Step 3.
Put the right front bodice piece on the back bodice piece, right sides together and baste the side seam. Next put the left front bodice piece on top of the right front bodice piece and back piece, wrong side up.
faux wrap-05faux wrap-04

Step 4.
Sew the sides of the bodice.
faux wrap-06faux wrap-07

Step 5.
Place both skirt pieces right sides together and sew the side seams. Next place the bodice in the skirt, right sides together, and match the side seams. Pin the bodice to the skirt and sew.
faux wrap-08

Step 6 last step.
Finish the hemline by sewing a rolled hem.
faux wrap-09

Done! Now let’s make some pretty pictures and share HERE!


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