Did you like the last two posts of the Domi Sweat Pants. Well we have one more to share with you. Some of the testers are bloggers and they wrote a review of the pattern on their blogs. Check them out by following the links!

First up a Dutch blogger (who writes in English) that you might already know from het contribution to the Kids Clothes Week last season. Inspinration.

Next, Kreatita. A blogger and tester that has been with me ever since she tested the Omni Tempore.

Next Sarah from Mi Case es SEW Casa. A very nice and funny lady I have met online and tested for me for the first time.
domi bermuda shorts

Patricia from Moonstar sewed two of the cutest panda Domi’s. She tested one but wanted to sew more after that.
domi panda party

Katrien from Kreatuurkes has been with me from almost the start. I have seen her pretty little lady grow. And she is growing up so beautiful.
Creaties 008

Now, these last two bloggers I would like to call friends. They are both involved with Sofilantjes and have been very supportive. They are very kind hearted ladies and I adore them.
Heather from Boutique Birdie.
dotted domi

and Stacey from From a Box
www.From-a-Box.com Sofilantjes Domi Pants 4

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