Did you see my previous post where I managed to only post pictures of my own children wearing their Domi sweat pants. Yes, they really have that many pants! But hey, there where about 40 testers who made them to. Some even made more than one because they liked the pattern so much.

In case you missed it. Here is some information about the pattern.
* sizes 12M/80 to 14y/164. (diaper friendly and even cloth diaper friendly with a good stretch fabric!)
* 3 length options
* 2 pocket options
* choose size by hip and inseam
* finished measurement chart
* and much much more.
Check out the listing in the SHOP.

Would you like to see some cute pictures?

3-4 little size This is a size 18M with diaper. 3/4 length and great pockets! You get to play around with scraps of fabric and create a really fun sweat pants for your little one.

domi with rikrakdomi bermuda
Add embellishment or keep it really simple. (Bermuda Shorts version). I love both. This pattern can be made very girly or very boyish.

domi bermuda shortsIMG_8779
Turn the hem right sides together or match it to wear with his favorite shirt. Use different fabrics to.

size 11 Domibig guys domi
Use one color for the pants. I like this option for the bigger sizes. They get to wear it outside without being to childish.

the cutest little red head-Domi
Combine the pants with the Omni Tempore Pattern and create a really beautiful outfit.

domi panda party
Or matching pants…..

So many options. What will you make? Come and show us in the Sofilantjes Sew and Show group on Facebook. And if you do not have the pattern yet. Grab it for only $5 in our SHOP. But be quick SALE is aaaaaalmost over!


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3 thoughts on “Domi Release post Sale (almost over)

  1. Mary Ahlberg says:

    How can I buy this gorgeous fabric? the pandas and the blue one

    1. Annemieke says:

      The fabric is from a dutch or Belgium fabric shop. I would suggest to go to the blog and ask the blogger where she got it from. Sorry I can’t help you.

  2. Patricia says:

    The panda’s are a Andrea Lauren design – I bought it from a Belgian webshop, but I guess it’s available elsewhere as well…

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