Iridis wrap dress round up post…

Today is the last day of the Iridis dress release sale! Wow, that was quick, wasn’t it. If you where thinking of buying the pattern hurry. We’ve already been sharing a few blogpost links on the page, but if you missed them here they are.
Iridis holidaylogo
Come and read what these ladies think ot the pattern. Learn a little Italian of Dutch, or just go and look at all the pretty pictures (isn’t that what most of us do anyway? lol, I know I do….)
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Pattern Release of the IRIDIS DRESS.

If you were looking for the perfect holiday dress, or just looking for something cute and different, this is it! Meet the Iridis dress. As some of you noticed we’ve decided to give our patterns Latin names. This is because of two reasons; 1. we design in English and Dutch and wanted to use the same name for our patterns, 2. we love the names, they are different.

We’re always in search of finding the perfect name for our patterns. The Omni Tempore is a shirt that can be worn ‘all the time’. And this dress, well this dress looks like a ‘rainbow’. Congratulations, you just learned a little latin…woohoo! Lol!
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New pattern coming up…

Those of you that follow me on Facebook already know. I’ve started testing for my new pattern.

This one is all about the boys!!!
 Although I have heared some that would love to make it for girls 😉 
The pre-testing is almost over. So far it is looking really good. Next week the ‘real’ testing begins….. 
Are you as excited as I am?!

(Testers photo. By Jennifer)

Release Party + Give away!! The Summer Surprise pattern for the biggirls!

Do you remeber THIS post about the Summer Surprise dress and tunic (+ top)?! Well you’ve asked me to create bigger sizes….. So here they are!

The Summer Surprise pattern is now available in sizes 7 to 12/ 122 to 152. This pattern includes normal and skinny sizes, top length, tunic length and dress length. And because i understand you are not buying the smaller sizes when your girl is already a size 7/122, i included this size in this pattern to.


The Summer Surprise on a beautiful child

Are you still following? Only two more blogs to go. Aaaaaw yes i’m sad to. I love to read these blogs and seeing all those pictures.

Luckely i made a special folder on the Sofilantjes facebook page, and you can post your own pictures there as well. Yeah! 
Now, today i want to share with you a beautiful little baby. She’s so cute. I just want to cuddle her. Her mom made her a dress and a tunic. And the pictures she took, just wow!

I know, it’s really beautiful! And she has more. Go see for yourself. Klik
Would you like to share pictures but haven’t gotten the pattern yet. It’s for sale on Etsy or Craftsy. Just so you know 😉

The Summer Surprise blogged by Allie

Hi All,

I’m so very happy! My Summer Surprise dress and tunic was released. Woohoo! And it was one of the best selling pattern on craftsy! Yeah!

Did i mention i had the best testers ever? Yes, i know i mentioned it a lot already. But they are! And some of them blogged about there testing experience.

I really want to share those beautiful blogs with you so first up: a wonderfull woman who litterly started her blog the night before pattern release! Continue reading The Summer Surprise blogged by Allie