Banana Omni dress

Ever had this. You are taking pictures of your child and at some point you look at your camera screen and think…. Uhm. Maybe not this one, she looks like a giant banana….. No?! Well I did! Hi Hi.

After sewing this Omni dress hack for my little Diva I needed to sew one more. And so I did. This time I used a summer sweat fabric that I bought at Joyfits this summer. I had already used the blue version for Domi shorts for my son. It is a lovely but very stretchy fabric to work with, so pressing your seams is a must. Really, do not skip your pressing. It does wonders for the end result.

Omni dress by Sofilantjes 1

I lost track of how many Omni’s I have sewn so far but if you follow the blog you will notice I have sewn quite a lot. Maybe I should create a summary post on all the Omni’s I have sewn…… I am in love with the neckline on this pattern. Plus I just love the dress hack for girls.

Omni dress by Sofilantjes 0

For this dress I used the Hoodie option. I lined the hood with black knit (also from Joyfits) and used that same knit for the cuffs and waistband that now sits at het her knies. I did not use the pocket this time to make sure it would be a quick sew. 30 Minutes it took me. Add 10 minutes for cutting the fabric (the pattern I already had cut out) and this was a 40 minute sew. Perfect for late night sewing to clear your head.

Omni dress by Sofilantjes 2

Can you see the banana thing yet?

Omni dress by Sofilantjes 4

When wearing this dress and not taking pictures it looks less banana-ish. It actually looks quite nice on her. But then I feel like this little Diva can wear any color and look beautiful (I know I am biased). The length is still a bit long. I wanted her to be able to wear it after her next growth spurt. She’s growing so so so fast. Can you believe that she just turned 3 last week?!

Before you click away tell me…..Do you have a favorite Sofilantjes pattern? And what is your favorite color for your child?

3 thoughts on “Banana Omni dress

  1. What a fun dress! Looks super comfortable, and not banana-ish at all…

    1. Thank you 🙂

  2. Het banaan-gehalte valt best mee hoor! Deze jurk is weer helemaal toppie!
    Ik ben op dit moment ook helemaal fan van de Omni-Dress 🙂
    Maar mijn favoriet is toch wel de Otium met strik

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