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Montis Tunic and Dress RELEASE

It has been very quiet here. We took a little time off to enjoy family and friends and to find new inspiration. We found it!

After summer already started we decided to give you one more summer dress. A pattern that you can sew in half a day. We love this one.

The Montis Tunic and Dress comes in sizes 12M/80 to 14y/164 and will be released in Dutch, French and English. There are two bodice options and there is one skirt option in two lengths.

Option A is a lined bodice with 3 straps. The front has one shoulder and one strap showing. The back is where you get to add the fun colors.

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Sylva Top and Tunic Release

Ready, set, gooooooo. Ready to release this awesome looking, very quick sew, beginner friendly new pattern. The Sylva top and Tunic.

We choose the name Sylva in Latin. It is a translation for wood, woodland, forest. We love the forest and this tunic and top would be perfect to wear to the forest. It’s the perfect pattern for mid seasons. Like the one we are in right now and with the three different sleeve options it can be adjusted to all seasons. Plus there is a little extra ease in there to sew it up in an heavier knit if you wish…

Options? Yes, ma’am. We always have options. Want to see them? No problem. Let’s start with a summary of options shall we?You get:
* three different sleeve lengths
* two neckline options
* two bodice lengths

First up. The V-neck option. My favorite and the most simple option there is. This option is beginner friendly. And if you do not create a front and back with your choosen fabric, the perfect option for your child to get dressed by themselves. There will not be a front or back so getting dressed will never be easier for them… I see a win win situation.

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Cicero Jackets all around

In between all the Orbis Skinny Harem love we are releasing another pattern. One for the boys in our life and the girls of course, because girls can wear jackets too. A boy in a dress is a different story (unless they are 2, when you are 2 years old you can wear a pink princess dress or you can run around butt naked and still be cute… ). Back to the Cirero Jacket.

Cicero stands for Frost. Frost works for our time of year. So we needed a nice warm jacket to keep the littles safe from the cold, but  it needed to be a cool jacket. One that stands out. So we created option A.

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Orbis Skinny Harems

The Orbis Skinny Harems are back home! They had a great run in the One Thimble shop. We contributed to the online magazine issue 13. Cool right?!  All good things must come to an end though, so now we get to share with everyone.

You all have been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the Dutch version.  That also releases today!!



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Pattern Release: The Foliis Jacket and Dress

We are happy to announce the release of our Foliis Jacket and Dress.

The Foliis Jacket and Dress is the perfect pattern for the colder seasons. It’s a short dress that you can pair with leggings or warm tights. Use French Terry or lightweight Fleece with at least 25% stretch to sew up a few warm dresses and jackets. With the three options: Cropped Jacket, Long Jacket and the Dress you will be sure this pattern is worth its money. The stretch in the fabric is needed due to the slim fit of the pattern.

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The hibernis/Semper or Omni. what’s the difference?

I’ve been getting questions about the difference between the Hibernis Cowl Shirt, the Omni Tempore and the Semper Sweater. Most people think they ‘look similar’. I agree they do a little. But if you look closer they are not. Let me tell you why.

I made a chart to show you the differences. But let me walk you trough them first. First let’s show them to you in one post. First up, the Hibernis Cowl Shirt.
Hibernis- 6
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We are back with a gift

Have you noticed. Almost 2 months passed without any posting. I noticed. We did not sit still though. We have been working on two patterns plus we ordered our first paper versions… The paper patterns (only in Dutch) are expected to be here in a few weeks. Yay!

The patterns we were working on.
One pattern will be released on November 4. Not in our own store though. The Orbis Skinny Harem will release only in English in the One Thimble magazine. A very cool and great Australian online sewing magazine. We’ll post about it at that time to remind you. We promise.

The other pattern will be released today. The Baby Harem Legging is a pattern made for… babies. It comes in sizes 1-2 months to 12 months. Sorry, that’s all the sizes it comes in. But it’s FREE! Cool right? And that is not all. With this FREE pattern you get…

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Guestpost: How to draft a bust dart for the Litore dress

The wonderful Vickie White has offered to show us how she drafts the bust dart for the Litore Tunic and Dress(es) for her beautiful developing tween. I love the way her dresses turn out. She also used the same method on the Solis dress she made her tween. Thank you Vickie!


step one: Measure the child and cut pattern to size. For mine I did a size 12 with 14 length.

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