Solis Meets Litore

For my last blogpost of this year I wanted to make something for my two little nieces. I really liked the back of the Litore dress, but with the fabric I had in mind I couldn’t use the skirt option. So I went through all the dress-patterns and found the Solis. This dress has a pleated skirt option, which made it possible for me to use the fabric panel I had.

For the top part of the dress I used the Litore pattern and followed the patterns as is. I chose to use a solid pink tricot fabric which was lighter weight as it was a summer dress after all. For the straps I used the same fabric as the skirt. I thought of doing the straps in two colours, but while cutting I forgot.. Next time!

For the skirt, I only needed to cut two rectangles per dress. I got the fabric with the Amsterdam houses from my mom, when she was sorting out her fabric bins. I hemmed the bottom edge by hand, as the fabric was curling up too much.

For the smaller size (size 6 and smaller) the skirt has four pleats in the front and back, while the larger size (size 7 and up) has six pleats. As I didn’t put in a label, the difference between the pleats helped me giving the dress to the right girl 😊.

The girls liked their new dresses and can now enjoy their summer holiday! Hopefully, the weather will be good!

Summer greetings,

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Litore child 12M-14Y
Litore Adult and child bundle
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Solis child 12M-14Y
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Litore meisjes 80-164 (PDF)
Litore bundel dames en meisjes (PDF)
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Litore dames (digipapier)

Solis meisjes 80-164 (PDF)
Solis bundel dames en meisjes (PDF)
Solis dames maat 34-54 (PDF)
Solis meisjes (papier)
Solis dames (papier)
Solis dames (digipapier)


Litore Filles 12M-14Y
Litore Femmes et filles
Litore Femme 34-54

Solis Filles 12M-14Y
Solis Femmes et filles
Solis Femme 34-54





New Release: The Gemma Twin Set

For those warm and breezy summer days and those early fall days that start cool and end warm the Gemma Twin Set is the prefect set of patterns.  The Gemma Twins Set includes a culottes or skirt pattern and a top pattern.  The culottes and skirt come in two lengths; mini and knee length.  The top has a straight or round hem and includes two sleeve lengths, short and long.  The Gemma is available in sizes 12m – 14y.

Let’s see some pictures.

Culottes -Mini

Culottes – Knee

Straight Hem

Curved Hem

Just Because They’re Too Cute Not to Share

The Gemma Twin set release sale will run from July 21 08.00 CET through July 26 05.59 CET. The pattern is on sale for €5,78 – ex taxes  no code needed. You can get your copy using the links below. These are affiliate links, so the author will get a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you.  If you aren’t a member of Sofilantjes Sew and Show, come join us to show off your Gemma Twin Set.

Solis meets Vallis

Hi there, Ilse here from @sewsewilse. I’m so glad to be on the blog again and to show you my newest dress. I can say I’m really in love with it because it has all the elements I want for a dress!

First of all I matched the Solis and Vallis dress. The Solis is a cheerful summer dress and the back part is so special. Lovvve!  Normally the Solis is combined with a circle skirt or a skirt with pleats, but I liked the handkerchief hem skirt from the Vallis so much that I wanted to combine it. This was easy peasy. My bodice (regular bodice) made in size 42 and my skirt in the same size matched perfectly together.

Here you see both patterns.

And the beautiful back part of my dress.

Second, of course you need a gorgeous fabric with the perfect colors, print and drape to achieve this look. I chose this Swafing Boho Blooms jersey from Senza Limits. It’s a viscose jersey in petrol and flowers. Lately I prefer to work with viscose jersey. Viscose jersey is soft natural fibre and it drapes so beautiful. And that’s what I need for a dress.

Yes, I have a sewing tip for you. The bodice is lined as you know and I sewed clear elastic on the lining part from the neckline and armopening while I was sewing the main and lining together. While I was sewing I stretched the elastic just a tad. I’m doing this so the upper part fits my body nicely and this way this part can’t stretch out. I also used clear elastic on top of my skirt for the same reason and this way it will contribute to the sustainability of the garment. The clear elastic I used has a width of 6 mm and I use it a lot. When do you use clear elastic?

It was obvious I would finish the handkerchief hem with my twin needle. It gives it such a nice finish! I used the same fabric for the whole dress, but the back piece is ideal for color blocking. You can do it and create it as you wish 🙂 And did you know you can twin with your daughter? Both patterns are available on its own or as a bundle. All patterns are available in English, Dutch, French and German. 

If you want to buy more, you can save more: If you spend €20 or more and save 10%. Use code: SAVE10  *** Do you spend €40 or more and save 20%. Use code: SAVE20  ***Do you spend €60 or more and save 30%. Use code: SAVE30

Making the SolisVallis dress was so fun to do. The bodice part from the Solis is constructed so genius! I’m sure I’ll use this pattern to sew more of these tops. Now I have two gems of dress patterns in one. I’m ready for the sun and warm weather and when it gets a bit colder I’ll wear it with a jeans jacket.

Thanks so much for these beautiful dress patterns @anne 


Ilse from @sewsewilse


How to Add a Modesty Panel to the Solis add-on

Did you see our newest add-on release? Isn’t it awesome?!?!?! I know and for free! Yay!

When designing this add-on we knew this dress would not work for every occasion. We also knew we would need to fight this little girl on not being able to wear her coolest summer dress. So we came up with a solution. A middle ground. A modesty panel. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1.
Sew your front bodice as written in the instructions.
(The fabric used is sold out but there are other variations still in our shop:

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Using a Projector for Sewing

Hi there! It’s my time again to bring a new blog post to you. Today I want to talk to you about something new and upcoming: using a projector for sewing! I am really happy I discovered this possibilty and today I want to show you how this would work, with the use of a Sofilantjes pattern of course!

So this is my projector pictured above.  I have one with a permanent setup, attached to the ceiling of my sewing room. But there are also all different kinds of projectors and setups. There are projectors you can put on the table, which can project on a large scale over a really short distance. There are also setups possible for if you need to be able to put the projector away (for instance when you are sewing on your kitchen table and don’t want a projector hanging on the ceiling over there ;)). Since I have my own sewing space, for me it works best to have my projector hanging on the ceiling. My husband made something to attach it to, but there are also all different kinds of mounts available to put your projector on.

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New Release: Aureum Racerback Top, Tunic, Dress, Maxi Child

The release of the Adult Aureum helped push us right along closer to summer.  It has warmed up quite a bit.  Let’s see if this completes the job.  Introducing the Aureum Racerback Top, Tunic, Dress and Maxi for children. The Aureum comes in sizes 12m – 14y.  The options are the same as the adult version, so let’s get into some pictures.

We’re going to show you A LOT of pictures.  The testers outdid themselves.


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Summer Advena hack – the bodysuit-dress

When I found this super cute lemon fabric I knew I had to have it for my little girl! After some browsing through Pinterest I saw some dresses with little bows on the shoulders; I wanted to recreate that look. So the next step was finding a pattern. I already knew about the Advena bodysuit, but wanted a dress, so lucky me, there was the Advena dress!

I wanted to combine the bodysuit with the dress so she doesn’t need to wear a normal bodysuit under the dress. And I didn’t wanted to use sleeves but create little bows on her shoulders. Also I like the color block on the side of the dress, so that had to stay as well. So then the drawing began.

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New Release: Aureum Racerback Top, Tunic, Dress and Maxi

Even though the weather can’t decide if we’re heading closer to summer or backwards to winter, we have decided to push it right along.  Summer means time for a new summer dress.  Introducing the Aureum Racerback Top, Tunic, Dress and Maxi.  This pattern is so versatile.  You can dress it up or down.  The Aureum is even great for a workout top (I know I need a new workout top…).

The Aureum comes in sizes 32 – 54, has 4 back options and 4 lengths.  The maxi also features an optional side slit.

We’re going to show you A LOT of pictures.  The testers outdid themselves.


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New Release: Advena Bodysuit

We have been busy behind the scenes working on new patterns.  The babies need a new pattern right? We thought so too.  Introducing the Advena Bodysuit.

The Advena Bodysuit comes in sizes NB/50 – 2Y/9254, features the Advena envelope necklines, and has two sleeve options; short  and long.

Option A – Full Envelope

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Hello Summer, hello Eximia!

Hello summer, hello Eximia!

Hi there! If I say I browse a lot on Pinterest, I think I’m not the only one. And that’s where I found my inspiration for this top. When the Eximia released in December 2018 I even made three versions while testing. All in winter time. So now it was time to use the Eximia pattern for a summery version and that’s what I did to get this lovely version.

I wanted to create an asymmetrical t-shirt. As I wanted to play with color I used this floral french terry and a matching coral cotton knit. 
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