Stella Jumpsuit – A Review

Hi there again!

After a little break due to the birth of our baby girl Amelie I’m back and guess what… of course I made clothes for the baby!

As we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl I bought some neutral colors and prints I liked in a stretchy fabric and decided to sew up the Stella Jumpsuit in several sizes (NB – 1 month – 3 month). As my maternity leave started it was nice to follow a pattern that was pretty straight forward, so after cutting all the parts sewing started.

But then labour started 10 days before my due date! Oh no! I managed to get 2 hours of sewing done, but wasn’t able to finish before our baby girl was born! But in the following weeks I was able to finish the pieces when the baby was sleeping. Sewing up this pattern was a real breeze as the main body is only 3 pieces. Just make sure you have cut the pieces as exact as possible to get all pieces to line up nicely.

Attaching the cuffs on the sleeves and legs was a little bit fiddly as it was just so tiny, especially on the new born size. To make it easier I pinned the cuff with right sides together on the outside and then turned the piece inside-out. This way you can put your presser foot into the sleeve/leg and are able to stretch the cuff to fit the sleeve/leg. I finished all seams with an overlocker to have no raw edges.

Instead of metal press fasteners I used Kampsnaps in different colors. As I now knew we had a girl I used purple and pink snaps instead of neutral ones. On the yellow jumpsuit I also added an iron-on application (with glitters) to make it a little more girly. I’m still thinking about what I can add to the blue one, any ideas??

The fit of the jumpsuit is very nice. The legs and sleeves are the right length and due to the cuffs any socks will stay on as well. The shape of the back pattern allows room for a diaper, but changing a moving baby can be tricky as you have to take the legs out completely. So maybe I’ll hack the next set with buttons down one leg to make changing a little bit easier. Or maybe one of you have tried that already?

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See you next time!

New Release: Permeo Shirt and Dress

Our first pattern of the year has released today.  The Permeo Shirt and Dress is a great pattern for year round sewing.

The Permeo comes in sizes 12m/80 – 14y/164.  This seemingly simple dress is full of options.  There are 3 neckline options, 2 sleeve lengths, and optional stripe, pockets and ties.

Our testers had a lot of fun with this one as usual.  Would you like to see some pictures?

Option A Crossover

Option B Two Sided Faux Crossover

Option C One Sided Faux Crossover

Pockets, Ties, and Sleeve Stripe


The pattern is on sale for €5 – ex taxes (€6,05 incl EU taxes), no code needed. After the sale it will be €9,50 incl taxes.  The sale will run from February 6 08.00 CET through February 10 08.00 CET.  Get your copy today.

Use the affiliate links below to get your copy now!

A romantic Nivalis with a collar

If I’m prepared for the colder days? Oh yes, I am! 

In fact, I don’t mind autumn and winter at all. It’s great to put on those warm sweaters, tunics and stockings!

I chose the Nivalis to complement my winter wardrobe. It’s a perfect basic to sew and today I have no other excuse…Nivalis it is!

Beautiful Nivalis tunics and dresses are always passing by. Both the ladies and the kids. In addition to the option of color blocking, you can choose a simple neckline, hood or cowl for the ladies Nivalis. The kids’ pattern is slightly different and comes with a collar instead of a cowl. 

And let that collar be EXACTLY what I wanted on my Nivalis!

With the tunic version and that beautiful collar in mind, I went looking for a perfect fabric match. The design asks for a knit or jersey with a minimum of 30% stretch. A good drape is recommended. My choice went to this soft Cherry Picking sweat. I love the color combination of black with the pink flowers. 

The Sofilantjes instructions are, as always, very thorough with step by step instructions and it was no different with the Nivalis.

How did I construct the collar?

I based myself on the kids pattern and printed the neckline and cowl of the largest size (164). I measured the length of the neckline and compared it with the collar part. Indeed, the length of the neckline corresponds to twice the collar part on the fold. For my size 42 (blended to a 44 in the waist) I drew a new collar pattern part with length 28 cm/ 11” and height 25 cm/ 9.8”. 

As the collar needs two pattern pieces, also a collar placket, I took the same height (25 cm/9.8”). For the width I cut a piece of 7 cm or 2.8”.

The construction of the collar was just the same as in the kids version.

Of course you can play with the size of the collar. If you want it larger, you can increase the height.

For the finishing touch I needed three buttons in my opinion. These three pink buttons are a perfect finishing touch for my collar. I didn’t made button holes so these buttons are just decorative but I like it!

I’m so happy with my Nivalis

Did you also tried it? 

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A long sleeved Vallis, the Ni-Vallis!

Hi there, and a Happy New Year to you! I hope next year will give you lots of sewing time and inspiration to get creative with all these pretty Sofilantjes patterns! Today I would like to show you my new favorite dress which I made for these last holidays. I call it the Ni-Vallis!

Last summer I sewed myself my first Vallis. It went straight to the top of my most favorite dress to wear. But since it’s a real summer dress pattern it has no options for sleeves. I really wanted a dress though similar to the Vallis, only then with long sleeves. So that’s when I decided to do a mash-up with the Nivalis! Today I will show you how I did this.

I already had the Vallis pattern pieces cut out, as I made this one before. It’s recommended to start with this if you don’t have it yet. Compare your measurements with the charts and cut out your pattern pieces as needed. The only thing you don’t need for this Ni-Vallis are the armbands. For a fit suited for my length and preferences, I added 4 cm length to the bodice and 10 cm length to the skirt!

To make your Ni-Vallis, you first need to find out which measurements of the Nivalis suit you and then print the sleeves and the bodice pieces (at least the parts where you can see the armholes). As shown on the picture above I took my front bodice piece of the Vallis and placed it on top of the pattern pieces of the Nivalis. I lined out both the fold line as well as the shoulder seam and taped it together.

Then I drew a new line to make a new bodice pattern piece, as shown in the picture above. I liked my dress to have the same neckline as the Vallis, so for that part I just followed the line of the Vallis pattern piece. Then for the shoulder seam I followed the line al the way through the armhole and then followed the armhole line as it was given in the pattern piece of the Nivalis. This way I was sure the sleeves of the Nivalis would fit in my Ni-Vallis. Now as you can see the armskeys of both pattern pieces don’t line up, so I had to drew a line for the side seam. I drew a slightly curved line from the armscye down to the bottom of the front pattern piece of the Vallis. With this alteration the dress is a little less fitted around the chest than the Vallis would be.

For the back of the dress, I followed the same steps as above. The Vallis has a low back though, so for a winter dress it could also be you would like it to have a higher neckline. You can easily adjust this by following the neckline as given in the pattern pieces of the Nivalis instead of the Vallis!

With your new pattern pieces drawn and the other pieces of the Vallis already cut out, you can now cut your fabric and start sewing! In the picture above you can see the back of my dress with the low neckline. I love this back view from the Vallis and really wanted to keep it for this holiday dress, but next time I will also definitely make one with a higher back like the Nivalis.

And this way, my new favorite dress was born! Now I can wear my favorite kind of dress type all year long, with or without sleeves. I definitely love it, and I hope I’ve inspired you to try the same! If you still need the Vallis or the Nivalis, you can find them directly through these affiliate links:

Vallis: in Dutch, French or English
Nivalis: in Dutch, French or English

Can’t wait to see what you’re making. Happy sewing!

Love Cindy
Miss Maakt

New Release: Dulce Top, Tunic and Dress

Today is release day for The Dulce Top, Tunic and Dress.  The last pattern of 2019 is a good one! The Dulce comes in sizes 12m/80 – 14y/164.  It has three lengths; top, tunic, and dress.  There are also three sleeve lengths; short, half, and long. In true Sofilantjes form we also have a color blocking option that has an optional ruffle.

Make the Dulce all in one fabric or fool everyone and make it look like a skirt and a top. The possibilities are endless.

Time for some pictures.

Top – Option A

Top – Option B



The pattern is on sale for €5 – ex taxes (€6,05 incl EU taxes), no code needed. After the sale it will be €9,50 incl taxes.  The sale will run from December 19 08.00 CET through December 23 08.00 CET.  Get your copy today.

Use the affiliate links below to get your copy now!

Foliis and Domi Jumpsuit Mashup

Hey! It’s Karly and today I’m sharing how to mash the Foliis Jacket and Domi Sweat Pants into an awesome jumpsuit! My son has been begging for another jumpsuit for ages now and I couldn’t get this hack out of my mind!
I went with super simple and didn’t add pockets, but I really should have! You have so many fun options for pockets though, so this gives you an opportunity to let your imagination run wild!
So lets get started with this!
First grab the Foliis Jacket and Domi Sweat Pants patterns (links to these patterns will be posted at the end of this post).
Measure your child and using the sizing charts, print out the size that your child is in from both patterns. Print them out and put your patterns together.
Do not cut out yet though!
Measure your child’s trunk measurement with clothes on (shoulder down to their crotch and back to the shoulder). Don’t pull the measuring tape tightly.
Add seam allowance and 1/2″ to this measurement.
Divide by 2. Trunk measurement + Seam allowance + 1.2″ , divide this sum by 2.
Example: Trunk measurement is 44″, seam allowance is 3/8.
So you would have 44 + 3/8 +1/2 = 44.88″.
Now divide that number by 2, and you get 22.44″.
Cut along the very top of the Domi pants so you can line up the pattern easier.
Line the Foliis front with the Domi front.
Start measurement from the top of the shoulder and have it line up with the crotch.
Either tape or pin in place to keep from sliding.
Repeat with the back piece.
The pattern pieces don’t line up perfectly, so you will need to redraw the lines to have the pattern pieces flow together.
Make sure the side and inseam lines are the same length on both front and back pieces.
To do this you can cut out one of the pieces and use it as a guide for the other piece.
Cut pattern pieces out.
Cut out all of your pieces from your fabric.
2 Front
2 Back
2 Sleeves
2 Hood
2 Arm Cuffs
2 Leg Cuffs
2 Interfacing (1/2″ wide by length of front)
Line up the shoulder to a front and back piece and sew shoulder seam together.
Serge seam.
Repeat with the other side.
Sew arm to shoulder, then line up the side seams, right sides together and sew side seam together.
Serge seam.
Repeat with other side.
Line up the crotch seam and sew along this.
Serge and repeat with the other side.
Pull one side right side out and place it in the other side, right sides together.
Starting from the back, sew along until you get 7″-10″ from the front crotch. Backstitch.
Using a long straight stitch sew the rest of the of the way up. Do NOT backstitch.
If you want to serge, start from the stop point in the crotch and go towards the back.
DO NOT serge the front!!
Pull jumpsuit wrong side out.
Press front seam open.
Iron on interfacing under the seam on either side.
Align zipper along the front seam, making sure the zipper is face down and that the stopper is 3/8″ from the top.
Pin in place.
Using a 3/8″ seam allowance, sew along one side of the zipper.
When you get to the bottom of the zipper (or close to the stop), pivot the needle and sew across, pivot again and sew up to the top.
Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and the end!
Turn the jumpsuit right side out and unpick the seam to expose the zipper.

Sew on the hood, arm and foot cuffs and you’re done!

Next one is definitely getting pockets!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

You can grab the patterns here using the affiliate links:
Foliis Jacket & Dress in Dutch, English
Domi Sweat Pants in Dutch, English

Until next time!

Sofilantjes for the whole family

Hi there! Welcome to my first blog post as part of the Sofilantjes blog team! So tell me, who do you sew these gorgeous Sofilantjes patterns for? For your (grand)children? Yourself? Or maybe even for your husband? You can use Sofilantjes patterns for your whole family! Today I show you how I used just one pattern for our whole little family, while still creating all different looks.

So this is us. My kids, my husband and myself all wearing the Omni Tempore! All the same, but yet so different. I also used the same sweat fabric to make it really alike, only the colors are different. Let’s start with a closer look at the ones I made for my kids.

This is the version I made for my little boy. For his Omni Tempore I used the waistband-option, the pocket-option and the collar-option. For the pocket and the collar I decided to line it with the wrong side of the same fabric. I love the effect this gives to the look, especially at the pocket with just a little bit of the lining peeping through.

Same pattern, whole different look though! The neckband is not a featured option in the Omni Tempore pattern, but I decided to just leave out the collar or hood for my daughter’s version and finish it with some ribbing instead. To do so I used 70% of the neck opening to decide the length of my neckband. For this version I didn’t use the waistband-option but cut the sweater at the hemming line and hemmed it instead. Add a heat transfer application and it’s something quite different at once!

For my husband’s Omni Tempore I used the hood and the waistband options. For the lining of the hood I once again used the wrong side of the same fabric. The waistband I adjusted a little bit to adjust for stretch. The fabric wasn’t really that stretchy so I cut a waistband at 90-95% of the bottom measurements.

And last, but not least, my own Omni Tempore! It’s actually all the same as the one for my husband, except for the color. I love the fit of it. It has a comfy fit just like a sweater is supposed to have. And isn’t it great when a pattern has all these different options so you can use the same pattern but still create a different look? And then I even haven’t had the chance to show all the options it comes with, like different sleeve lengths and a dress add-on in the kids pattern!

Don’t own this pattern yet but want to? The affiliate links below will bring you to them!
– Kids version –> in Dutch, English or French
– Adult version –> in Dutch or English
– Bundles –> In Dutch or English

Happy sewing!

Love Cindy
Miss Maakt

New Release: Festum Dress

Project Run and Play has already given us the Risu Dress now we also have the Festum Dress! Releasing today this holiday, party, any occasion dress is the perfect addition to your pattern library.  The Festum is available in Dutch, English, and French.  We also have a Festum and Aura bundle! The single pattern and the bundles are on sale from November 15 08.00 CET through November 19 08.00 CET.

The Festum Dress in sizes 3m/54-14y/164.  It has one bodice and three skirt options; one, two, or three tier.  The Festum also features fun braided straps. You can make your Festum super fancy or make a simple dress.  The possibilities are endless.

Single Layer:

Double Layer:

Three Layer:

Festum and Aura:


The pattern is on sale for €5 – excluding EU taxes (€6,05 incl EU taxes), no code needed. After the sale it will be €7,85 excl taxes.  The Festum and Aura Bundles are on sale for €8 – excluding EU taxes.  Please keep in mind the Aura size range is 12m-14y and the Aura is only available in Dutch and English.  The French bundle contains the English Aura.

Stepping Into Fall In The Velocitas Hoodie

I am so excited to introduce myself to you all.  My name is Johanna Ali and I am part of the Sofilantjes Blog Team! You can read a little about the rest of the team HERE.  I started sewing 5 years ago when I saw Mimi G Style wearing this fabulous skirt, the Regal  Maxi Skirt.  It’s a long maxi skirt with a sash and pockets and I needed to have it! I then found out that she did not sell the skirt, but sold the tutorial on how to make it.  I was determined to have it and purchased my first sewing machine. I learned how to sew from watching sewing tutorials on YouTube and other sewing bloggers.  I mainly sew for myself, but I also love to sew for my son whenever I can.

The Velocitas Hoodie

I chose to make the Velocitas Hoodie as my first Sofilantjes pattern because it’s the perfect fall piece to have in South Florida.  The weather doesn’t really get too cold until December or January and usually doesn’t last too long.  Having a hoodie always comes in handy.

I decided to use this cable knit sweater navy fabric from JOANN that I purchased last fall.  I also used a Rib Knit 1 x 1 Fabric in Heather Grey fabric as my accent fabric.  If you are going to use more than one color, I would suggest you decide which pattern piece is going to be what color and label your pattern piece accordingly so you know which fabric to cut.

I love that this pattern comes with two different bodice options.  You can also make the Velocitas Hood all year round because the pattern comes in a long and short sleeved option.  The pattern grows with your little starting at 12 months to 14 years so that you can make them a new hoodie every season.  The wide range in sizing is also great if you have more than one child.  I decided to make my son a size 12 based on his body measurements and the only modification I made was to cut off 2 inches from the sleeves as they were a little too large.  Other then that, I thought the pattern instructions were very simple to follow and this hoodie really came together really quickly.

I really hope you enjoyed my Velocitas Hoodie as much as my son did.  He wore it to school right after photographing it.  He loves when I sew for him and he couldn’t wait to show off his hoodie to his friends at school.  You can purchase the Velocita Hoodie by using my affiliate link found HERE.

My goal is to share a new make with a different Sofilantjes pattern each quarter and I hope that you join me and sew up your own.

Until next time,

Johanna – @soveryjo

New Release: Via Top, Tunic, and Dress

Today is homecoming day! We received the Via back from Project Run and Play and it is now also available in Dutch and French.  It’s been so long since you’ve seen the Via in action, so we’re going to give you a refresher.  So you can make your quick decision, because the Via is only on sale from November 7 08.00 CET through November 11 08.00 CET.

The Via comes in sizes 12m-14y.  It has three lengths; top, tunic, and dress.  There are also three sleeve lengths; sleeveless, short, and long.  Our favorite part?  The really cool color blocking down the sides.  You can go wild and use different colors and prints or you can make it all one color.  The possibilities are endless.

As usual our testers are amazing.  Let’s look at some of their pictures. Shall we?


Short Sleeves:

Long Sleeves:

So much information…  So we’re going to wrap this up.  The pattern is on sale for €5 – ex taxes (€6,05 incl EU taxes), no code needed. After the sale it will be €7,85 excl taxes.

Once again the Via is on sale from November 7 08.00 CET through November 11 08.00 CET.  Hurry up and get yours before the sale ends.

Use the affiliate links below to get your copy.


Once you sew up your Via Top, Tunic, and Dress come join us in our Facebook group, Sofilantjes Sew and Show, and show it off!