1 Year anniversary blogtour and lots of giveaways!

On May 23 2014 Sofilantjes released her first pattern. The Summer Surprise top, tunic and dress. It was one of many to come. This week we will be celebrating what was and will be the best journey ever. The past year there have been many ups and downs. Sofilantjes has been a bright light during a time of being burned out and dealing with hubby getting really sick. Sofilantjes is a safe place to come to. A place to enjoy and meet a lot of great people and make new friends.


This week we will celebrate. Each day a few bloggers (some whom I call friends) will show you what they did with the very first pattern that we released. They got the choice to sew it as is of hack it to something beautiful and fun. They will show you what they did and how you can do the same. Show their talent. There are a lot of talented bloggers in this tour, trust me.


Also, thanks to a lot of great PFD Designers (and friends) there will be a new giveaway every day! Each day you will get the chance to not only win one Sofilantjes pattern. You will get to win 8 or 9 patterns from different PDF Designers. Curious what designers. Check out this list!


Being part of the sewing community is a blessing. There are so many beautiful people out there. I have had the chance to meet great people through pattern testing, sewing groups, blogtour and designing patterns. So I just want to say thank you to all you and I hope you will celebrate with me.


19 thoughts on “1 Year anniversary blogtour and lots of giveaways!

  1. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd. Wat een leuke vooruitzichten ! En heel wat nieuws voor mij om te ontdekken ! Dankjewel !

    1. Dank je wel Els. Leuk dat je langs komt.

  2. Happy Anniversary! So glad I found you and your patterns. BIG hugs!! ?

    1. Thank you Diana. I am glad you found me to 😉

  3. Again congratulations! You did an amazing job this year, already looking forward to your future designs!

    1. Thank you Miranda. And that you fo your amazing work in this tour.

  4. proficiat met je ‘verjaardag’!

    1. Dank je wel Nathalie 🙂

  5. Love the Brueram! Happy Anniversary.

    1. Thank you. I love that one to.

  6. Happy Anniversary!
    Really honored to be part of your celebrations.

    1. Thank you Patricia. Very happy to have you with us on this tour

  7. Happy Anniversary my friend! *hugs* I can’t wait to see what you’ll create this year.

    1. Thank you sweety. Hopefully we get to keep working together for a long time.

  8. Happy anniversary! Thank you for all your wonderful patterns and I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year brings!

    1. Thank you Erin. Hopefully more patterns that you love 😉

  9. Happy birthday Sofilantjes!

    1. Thank you Kimberly 😉

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